Monday, 9 April 2012

Goblin Abroad - Prague

Prague - famous for goulash, snitznel, dumplings and beer halls. The ideal destination for stag parties, but not necessary coeliacs.

But who needs a beer hall when there is a 100% gluten free restaurant around the corner.

Na Zlaté křižovatce is a little way out of the centre of Prague, but really easy to get to on the subway - just head to Florenc and it's around the corner.

The four owners each have a coeliac in their family and as a result have learnt to adapt traditional Czech food to be gluten free. Here is the beef goulash I polished off for lunch...

We also had gluten free bread to start, and as if the choice of dumplings, schnitzels and strudels wasn't enough, I also had a draft gluten free beer.
Here I am tucking into an aptly named Celia beer...

We did actually go to the oldest beer hall in Prague called Flecku which dates back to 1499. There isn't bar, just a man in little shorts holding a tray of beers who makes his way around the beer hall. I politely declined a very dark beer from the man in shorts, and was possibly the first person to do so in about 500 years!

Friday, 13 January 2012


I use to live off Supernoodles. Especially during my time at University. I would sometimes venture out to the students union for cheesy chips, but my cooking ability back then only reached as far as heating noodles in water and adding a flavoured sachet to it. The flavour was usually bacon, which resulted in Frazzle burps for the next few days at least.

I went off them a bit though. Nothing to do with them not being gluten free. But once I got so drunk on quadruple vodkas that I was sick and supernoodles came out of my nose. Gross. I soon learnt to cook after that - even Pot Noodles made me feel queasy.

I now feel ready to try some noodle based convenience food again and it looks like Tiger Tiger have come to the gluten free rescue with these Thai microwave noodles.