Monday, 17 February 2014

Dover - La Scala

From what I can tell there aren't many chain restaurants in Dover, and with a 6am ferry crossing in the morning, a La Tasca or Prezzo would have been a god send last Thursday night when we just needed a quick meal before an early night.

A lot of the pubs and restaurants also seemed to insist on net curtains, which I would normally consider a bad thing, but was proved wrong with La Scala who have gluten free pasta as a choice on their menu. I ordered the Scialatielli Alla Siciliana, which was pasta cooked with swordfish, onions, tomatoes, basil and white wine. Simple, but very yummy.

La Scala has a lovely Italian feel and almost tricked us into believing we were abroad already. We only remembered our early start in time to stop us ordering a second bottle of wine!
19 High Street, Dover