Sunday, 31 May 2009

It would be rude not too

Being a coeliac has got easier – in the three years since I’ve been anti gluten there have been loads of new products for me to eat. Which is great, except I keep eating them. The ones that mostly catch my eye are the cakes and biscuits. If I notice something is gluten free, I buy it! It’d just be rude not to!

The effect this is having on my waistline is catastrophic!

Eating endless packets of Pom Bears just because it says ‘Gluten Free’ on the front of the bag is not going to make me look like Kate Moss. Buying loads of Thorthons chocolate just because it says ‘Suitable for a gluten free diet’ on the packet, isn’t going to get me into the size tens!

When I found gluten free brownies at the farmers market one Saturday, I had to get one. I even tried to save it for later, but actually ended up eating it in a sports shop while my boyfriend tried on running shoes. A particular low point.

So I’ve joined the gym, and am actually going! The perfect solution! Everything in moderation, a little bit of what you fancy and loads of gluten free goodies!

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