Friday, 15 February 2008

A gluten free shop, for gluten free people

We couldn't resist visiting the town of Hadfield where the League of Gentlemen is filmed when we went to the Peak District. We tried to be inconspicuous as we walked down the high street gawping at the shops, trying to work out their Royston Vasey equivalents. It was quite sinister with the war memorial eerily looking over the town, and you could almost imagine Tub's and Edward's local shop secluded up on the hills in the distance.

On the way back to normality, we stopped off in Bakewell which is famous for its tarts. Here, I found another local shop which had a freezer dedicated to gluten free goodies! I spoke to the owner, and she cooks all these herself and of course makes gluten free Bakewell tarts.

The Peak District seems to be a gluten free haven; every market stall seemed to have something on offer. I don't know if this is true of other markets - I tend not to visit them that often as I still am under 30 after all.

Walking is another activity I tend to leave to older folk. I sincerely regretted mocking some fellow walker's hiking boots and sticks, when I was stuck in a bog in Converse trainers holding on to a wall that was covered in cow's muck.

I much prefer walking between pubs, and we crawled around the pubs of Ashbourne, which was still recovering from Shrovetide. Had a posh meal in the Lamplight, where they checked everything for me and totally understood Coelism!

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