Monday, 7 April 2008

Chippy Whips

It's a bloody good job I don't drive or own a car for that matter.

If I did, I would drive myself over to the other side of Reading every Monday night to the Deep Blue fish and chip shop and buy cod in batter in gigantic proportions.

Every single Monday night I am acutely aware that not far away by car, there is a whole fryer dedicated to gluten free battered cod and chips. I never even ate fish and chips that much anyway - surely they should just be an occasional treat, but now they're suddenly an absolute luxury. It occupies my mind and I start scheming to get there, exploring the options...

I could get the bus and eat them on the way back. I should buy a bike and ride there, but will I get them home before they go cold? I might just run there and scoff them in the street.

I really ought learn to drive, no matter how much driving lessons cost or the fact I once failed the theory test - this time I have a reason to pass.

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