Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Christmas is cancelled. I've just eaten Rudolf

Rumour has it that you can buy gluten free Big Macs in Finland, but I refuse to eat Macdonald's on holiday, and insist on trying traditional dishes of the country, like reindeer for example.

We didn't go to Lapland but found a log cabin styled restaurant in Helsinki called Lappi that looked just like you see on Noel's Christmas Presents. I had sautéed Reindeer and mash with these red berry things. It was very nice and I didn't feel too guilty about scoffing one of Santa's trusty friends. While I'm confessing to eating cute things, I may as well get the puffin I ate in Iceland of my chest too.

Local delicacies dealt with, I managed to eat perfectly normally in Finland. Coeliacs are two a penny and most menus are marked up with a nice big 'G' for things for them to eat. Wine is very expensive so I stuck to cider - some were really strong and smelly, and others concerned me that I'd just paid 5 euros for an Appletise. Apparently the banana beer was nice too, it certainly smelt fanatastic.

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Monkey Amy said...

Honey I never knew that you kept a blog and stumbled across it after donating my hard earned wages to you. Its very funny mate, but as I have previously said about monkey minutes, you are not so you must have a ghost writer! Only kidding. Very proud of you for taking it all in your stride xxxx