Saturday, 3 April 2010

A sight for sore eyes and gluten free pies

After squinting continually at the telly, I thought it was time to get my peepers tested. Turns out I need glasses to see things in the distance. So I put on my new specs for the telly, the cinema and those dreaded powerpoint presentations at work.

I love my glasses and think I look sophisticated in them (even when watching What Katie Did Next), but I always forget to take them with me. They could have come in handy in Warwick at the Merchants pub this weekend. The menu was on blackboards at the other side of the pub so I didn't immediately see the little (g) symbols next to the gluten free dishes. The idea of a steak chips for a fiver won over the laziness and I made the trip across the pub to read the menu properly. I skipped back to the table to tell my friends 'I can even eat the chips!'

Tonight I'm going to try a Dietary Specials steak pie. I'm usually a Clive's Pie kind of girl, but thought I'd try this one as Clive only seems to sell his pies to random health shops. Pie and mash, isn't a typical Easter weekend meal, but after two days drinking in Warwick, it's going to sort out the hangover (the Creme Egg for pudding will sort out Easter!)

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