Saturday, 22 May 2010

Animals are cute – fact

There comes a time when all teenager girls realise animals are in fact too cute to eat. Some parents are very helpful and encourage this lifestyle choice. Others aren’t so willing to make the rest of the family eat tofu just because their 13 year old daughter just watched Babe.

My attempt at not eating cute things didn’t go well. I was under the impression my mum was being helpful. She said she wouldn't cook me separate meals, but I could either a) cook for myself or b) pick the meat out of dinner

I opted for option B thinking it would be easy. There followed a week of Chilli Con Carne and Spaghetti Bolognese, not only two of my favs, but also leaving me with little choice but to inevitably eat it a little bit of the meat.

As it turns out, its a good job mum wasn't so corporative and I was a lazy 13 year old unwilling to prepare my own meals. Being a vegetarian ceoliac isn't easy.

But it is easier than I thought. I could eat at Mildreds every night! Its a completely veggie restaurant but also one that marks the menu with those thoughtful little GFs. I fully embraced my inner hippy when we went there this week, drinking organic wine and eating sweet potato curry.

The guilt of playing with the reindeer recently at my friend’s wedding was therefore doubled.

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