Sunday, 10 October 2010

Surviving Japan, only to end up in Hell

I'm so pleased my big sister and her husband have returned to England from Japan. I loved Tokyo and survived eating gluten there. I also survived a massive earthquake and then being in a typhoon half way up Mt Fuji, but that's a different story.

I took my own bottle of gluten free soy sauce everywhere I went - luckily nothing is weird in Japan. Most Japanese restaurants have a mini BBQ on your table and you cook the food. As long as we ordered without sauce this was great for me, expect the time we nearly set fire to the restaurant...

Of course it helped having two Japanese speakers with us to avoid those Lost in Translation moments, but with places like Coco Curry having an allergy menu, it's possible to visit Japan and eat out gluten free.

So although their return has scarpered my plans to return to Japan on the cheap, at least they're returning to Clapham where Hell Pizza deliver gluten free pizzas. So they'd better get used to much more frequent visits from me!


Michael said...

Sounds like you had a good trip in Japan. I haven't been myself but have frineds there at moment and reading their blog makes me think it sounds great but food could be problem for coeliacs.

I would love to use your reviews on my gluten free travel site if you'd let me?


Gluten Free Goblin said...

Hi Mike, Japan really is an amazing place and I would love to go back. It helped staying with my sister as we didn't eat out every night and cooked at home too.

Feel free to add my reviews to your site!