Sunday, 23 January 2011

Abby and the Gluten Free Factory

I had the best gluten free day ever on Saturday. It started with the postman delivering a sample of Juvela’s Special Flakes. I’m not sure how they came up with that name for the cereal, probably something to do with them being for people with a ’special’ diet.

Then I met the Cake Crusader - a real superhero, although she didn’t have her pants on over her apron. She had a cake stall at the Harehatch Sheeplands market, and makes the best gluten free millionaire short cake I’ve ever tasted. All of her cakes are gluten and wheat free, so we brought four cupcakes, a brownie and a millionaire shortcake. There are none left today.

Already loaded with yummy cakes, we thought we’d have a quick look in the farm shop. It was like some kind of gluten free version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Clive’s pies, Dietary specials Yorkshires and pasties in the freezer, Mrs Crimbles, Kallo rice cakes, Bryon Bay cookies and so much more, even ice cream cones . I could have stayed there all day, but was in real danger of becoming Augustus Gloop!

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